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Hands-on Learning

Our curriculum is highly customized for the needs of each student. We meet the children where they are and build from there at the proper pace. We use highly visual and tactile methods where possible.

We take a multi-sensory approach that involves moving, feeling and doing (for example, using Math-U-See to make difficult math concepts intuitive and fun). In addition to traditional subjects, our students also regularly participate in yoga, pottery, various musical activities, and all types of art.

A Balanced Year

The Barclay School is a year-round school.  We use a balanced year and a balanced curriculum.

We go to school the same 180 days as a traditional school.  Instead of having a very long summer break, the balanced calendar distributes the breaks evenly over the whole year.  This eliminates the need to use the first weeks in fall to “re-teach” forgotten material.

Students with memory issues particularly benefit from more frequent, shorter breaks, evenly distributed throughout the year.