Who We Are

Dr. G

Dr. Gillian Barclay-Smith

I was born in England, where I was educated in the public school system until eighteen. Thanks to the European Community, I was able to attend the University of Duesseldorf, Germany, where I completed a Master of Arts in English and German literature. In my transition to South Carolina as a classroom teacher and as a tutor for students with learning issues, my passion for creative children who learn differently grew, along with my aversion to “cookie cutter” learning. One size does not fit all. Nor should it. A small progressive private school became the focus of my dissertation while at USC obtaining my doctorate in education. Now I am very excited to be going back into the classroom and working with a small group of creative children in my own school. We will celebrate strengths and strengthen weaknesses. We will learn, explore, grow, and have fun! And I will use my own hands-on, experiential teaching methodology that is tried, tested, and transformational.


Ms. Edith


Edith Bailey

I grew up in Columbia and graduated from University of South Carolina with a BA in psychology and from Columbia College with a MA in Education in Divergent Learning. I took a job teaching children with autism at a school in Elgin, SC. Teaching children with autism was fascinating because it required creative problem solving to meet the individual needs of each child. Experience with my children’s learning issues reinforced my experiences in teaching. It is all about encouraging curiosity and providing the appropriate guidance for the teachable moments that occur repeatedly each day. As a parent dealing with the public, private, traditional and nontraditional schools my children attended, it became clear that the more flexible the learning environment could be for one of my children, the more successful the child would be in school.  There was always a direct correlation between a child’s happiness and success in school. Gillian and I have such a similar philosophy, though derived from very different experiences. When Gillian left Glenforest, so did much of the creativity I found stimulating.  I was thrilled when she invited me to join her at the Barclay School. Here, I feel at home.



Mary Cinquemani

I grew up in Staten Island New York, one of the boroughs of NYC. I earned my degree in psychology from the College of Staten Island which is part of the City University of New York System. I worked my way through school as a case manager at two facilities (a group home and an adult home) for adults with various disabilities. After graduation, I accepted the position as Assistant Administrator and later Administrator at the adult home.

Twenty eight years ago, my husband was transferred to Lexington, SC where we began a new chapter in our life. We are the proud parents of two grown daughters, Maria and Danielle.  The girls kept me busy teaching CCD, managing a swim team, co-managing the high school swim team and volunteering at various schools. I also worked in the school library. We are also the proud parents of Louie (our dog), Tiger and A.J. (sibling cats), three parrotlets (Noah, Emerald and their son Percy), and don’t let me forget the fish.

I enjoy watching the sunrise on Lake Murray every morning (after I feed the animals).
In my free time, I enjoy working in my gardens (herb, vegetable, shade and butterfly), cooking,
Yoga, and reading. I had the privilege of volunteering at The Barclay School several years ago. I enjoyed it enough to join the staff.



Bonnie Watson

I was born and raised in Columbia and was home-schooled for most of my childhood. I loved being able to work at my own pace and learn in different environments outside the classroom. I graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2007 and began working with the special needs population in 2009, mostly as an ABA therapist (Applied Behavioral Analysis).  I joined the Barclay School in the fall of 2015 and I love being a part of this unique environment!





Compton Bailey

Before he began working at the Barclay school, Compton worked such varied jobs such as bookstore clerk, elder sitter, and plant care technician, among other things.  He initially planned to be an historian, but decided against it after getting his BA in the subject.  He retains a deep fascination with the subject, particularly the ancient world.

Never bored at work, he enjoys animal watching, reading, and darts in his off-hours.





Ms. Donna

Donna Grimsley

I was born and raised in Florence, SC. I attended and graduated from Francis Marion College with a BS Degree in Elementary Education. Over the years, I have completed training in specific reading and math curriculums, as well as taken courses from Clemson, USC, and Columbia College in reading, divergent learning, accommodations, and learning differences. Teaching is my passion, and during the past thirty years, I have had the privilege to teach students in kindergarten, elementary and middle school. As a teacher, I have seen how creative the students can be when learning and given the opportunity to explore and gain confidence in their abilities. This is what the Barclay School is all about! I am so thankful to be a part of the Barclay School where children are celebrated everyday!


Mr. Calvert

Barton Calvert has thirty-two years of teaching experience.  Thirty-one of those were spent at Glenforest School.  He was born in Mississippi and attended college in Alabama.  He teaches sixth through twelfth grade social studies, and he has always loved and excelled in that particular subject.  He moved to South Carolina in 1985 and has stayed here ever since.  Mr. Calvert has three dogs, two cats and twenty-nine chickens.  He has been married to his wife Karen for twenty-six years and has a daughter, Savannah, who is in a Master’s program at Clemson.  When described by a former student, she said, “He just makes learning fun!”  Some of his hobbies include gardening, yard work, reading history books and taking selfies.  Mr. Calvert is thrilled to be joining the Barclay Family at last.

(Many thanks to Barclay Students, Ronan Sullivan and Piper McPherson, for writing this biography.)



Boyce Buchanan

Boyce is a senior at Columbia College and will be graduating in May of 2018.  She works for The Barclay School as an administrative assistant and loves being in such a great work environment!  She feels very lucky to have three furry children:  Sente (pictured), Jaeger, and Kona.