The Barclay School
The mission of the Barclay School is to provide a rich, diverse curriculum in a safe, nurturing environment.  Learning is hands-on, experiential and organic. The holistic approach honors the whole child; strengths are honed while weaknesses are remediated. Assessment is authentic and child centered.

Now Enrolling for the 2014-2015 School year!
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the school year.
Did you know that SC signed the  Education Credit for Exceptional Needs Children into law in June of 2013. It helps parents choose the most appropriate classroom for their child. 

Through the program, Scholarships Funding Organizations award grants to exceptional needs children attending eligible schools.  The Barclay School has qualified as an eligible school.  For more information about the Proviso and its implementation, please go to Access Opportunity South Carolina.
Palmetto First Kids, a nonprofit scholarship organization, provides scholarships to families of exceptional needs children.

Financial Aid is now available through The Barclay School.

Tuition for your child MAY be deductible as a Medical expense on you tax return.
The Internal Revenue Service has allowed and continues to allow taxpayers a deduction for medical care under IRS Regulation Section 1.213-1 (e) (v) (a)