Unfortunately, due to South Carolina State Education budget cuts our school has had to close permanently.

Thank You for the many years of learning, love, and laughter. I will greatly miss all of our students and teachers.

Gillian Barclay-Smith

The Barclay School was a private K-12 special education school whose mission was to serve students with learning disabilities in the areas of reading, writing, and math in addition to attention, sensory and social challenges.

In a safe and supportive school climate, our goal was to maximize our children’s maximum potential in order for them
to become confident, successful citizens of their community.

The Barclay School provided integrated academic, enrichment, and therapeutic services to children in grades K‐12, with the goal of enabling each student to become a confident and successful learner. Offering an academically rigorous curriculum, The Barclay School employed an individualized approach to ensure student success while preparing them for successful post-secondary educational experiences and professional careers.