Amy’s Story

Rain poured onto the grass blocks as a white grey wolf walked along it. Square trees and leaves spread across the grassy biome as a swirl of wind whipped the wolf’s fur.  A dimlit cave dug into the soil before him and a wolfy  whimper filled the darkness ahead. The male wolf quickly dived in. A meaty bone hung in his rectangular jaws. When he reached the bottom level, a female wolf lay against the blocky stone wall. Her eyes pale and her body fraile. He got closer to her, dropping the bone inches from her small paws. “It’s not much, but it’s got some scrappy meat along the edges.” The male wolf barked gently, nudging it towards her. She looked up weakly, her pale black eyes stared into his. “Niku, it’s my time to die. I have lived longer than any wolf in Minecraftia and you know that.” She coughed and dropped her head, not able to hold his gaze anymore. Niku whimpered and layed beside her, his body pressing into her cold fur and whispered into her small ear, “I’ll never let you leave my memories, Tiki. Never.”


Sunlit rays stretched into the cave and laid softly on Niku’s spine. His head lifted up. His rectangle eyes blinking off his sleepiness. Niku turned to Tiki’s lifeless body, his heart broken with grief for his mate’s death. He touched his nose to her side, breathing in Tiki’s sweet berry scent that was now fading. “ Farewell, my mate. Please be safe in your heaven that you are in now.” Niku preyed, his tail down. When he had finished grieving, he dragged her limp body out of the cave. He sat her down and his claws scraped the blocky earth, making a little den for the lifeless female wolf. Niku padded down the dug up soil onto Tiki’s body and her new home.