My Barclay School

Hi my name is Ronan! I am a student at the Barclay School. Barclay is a school for people who learn differently. All of the students here have their own different way of learning, it doesn’t stop us from learning. It simply makes us unique in our own special ways.

The head of our school is Dr.G! She’s pretty awesome and sometimes has a great sense of humor, the key word being “sometimes”. She loves ELA just like me! Dr.G teaches the older kids ELA and we always get some pretty awesome books like Mackbeth and Oliver Twist.

Another teacher is Miss. Edith, she sometimes brings her dogs Beattie and Claire to the school! She’s also a great science teacher. Right now the older kids are learning Biology in her class.

We have other teachers like Bonnie, Valerie, Darlene, Hannah and many more. Every day of the week we have a new activity. For instance on Wednesdays we have music with Mr. Allen and Karate with Nathan! We have lots of animals like fish, cats, and dogs!  As well as pigs, horses and even goats soon!

Each and every day at my school we have a new adventure. The Barclay School is the school for me and I wouldn’t trade anything in the world to not go to my school.