Documentary Video

January 8, 2018:  Ryan came to work with the students on the direction of the documentary for two hours and then returned to begin gathering footage for the video.

The students wrote some amazing pieces on what they thought the audience should know about the school and the special needs community in general.

Here is one student’s perspective:  “I want the audience to remember that The Barclay School is a school for different kids that learn differently. It could be learning by hearing, by touching, or even through visual learning. The Barclay School is an amazing place for people who learn differently and if you want a good school for your child. I think that learning is really important, and I know that I’m able to learn more (and I’m doing really good at math) than I was at my two other schools. Also, at The Barclay School, everyone is family. When you graduate from this school, you will graduate knowing more than you did when you first came to this school. I know that when I first came to Barclay I didn’t like to read, and now I read a lot because reading makes me smarter. And that’s what I want people to know about the school.” -Alyx


January 4, 2018:  We would like to announce that our beloved artist in residence is returning to Barclay for another project, playwright Ryan Ward. He is coming to us through the amazing work of ARTS Access SOUTH Carolina in association with the South Carolina Arts Commission. He worked with our students about five years ago with writing their own play! This time we will be creating a video documentary about the special needs community, the school, and our students. Please stay tuned for more details! We are very excited and eternally grateful for this opportunity.