Bunnies’ Brew


Do you love to garden? Check out our Bunnies’ Brew, an all natural organic fertilizer made of rabbit manure steeped into a rabbit tea. Our students bottle the tea made from the manure from our rescue rabbit, Toby.  We have sold our Bunnies’ Brew at local garden shops such as Gardeners’ Outpost and Reese’s Plants in the past.  We are currently selling it from our school in Ridgeway.

Students of The Barclay School have formed their own company, Barclay’s Green Goods, to sell garden products they make themselves.  The students track all the expenses and earning to determine their profits which they spend for special field trips.



BIG NEWS:  Bunnies’ Brew was featured on WIS TV on May 29, 2017.  They aired two stories (one in the morning, one at night).  These videos are great ways to learn more about our now famous product.